Welcome from the coordinator

Welcome to the Research Network on Addiction Primary Care (RIAPAd).

RIAPAd is the new network generated after the disappearance of the Addictive Disorders Network (RTA) in which many of us participated for more than 16 years. All our experience, together with the incorporation of new groups, will allow us to continue researching addictive disorders and all their comorbidities. We will do so from basic science to epidemiology, including genetics and prevention, with a gender perspective that will allow us to help all our patients. In this new stage, we will make a great effort to disseminate our results to society in general and to our patients, through our website, social networks, and all the usual dissemination channels.

We are 18 groups from all over Spain that share the desire to research as a network to have a global and integrative vision of addictions. We want to continue learning to improve treatment, early detection, and prevention and to be able to monitor and warn about new trends in substance use and behavioral addictions.

Addictive disorders are not a vice, they are a disease that the sooner we detect, the better we will treat it and the more we investigate, the better we will know how to personalize its treatment.

In RIAPAd we have incorporated the opinion of patients to know their needs and incorporate their contributions to research, prevention, treatment, and monitoring of addictive disorders and their associated medical and psychiatric comorbidities.